Leadership is a big word.
It tells a lot about success stories, like the ones that I read about often. It tells a story about numerous good things that a CEO did for a market, and most of the time it is a great selling tool for a company. My grandma (who lived to be 99) always told me this: "Let other people talk about you, because that way you don't have to show off if you do your best to be successful." - Bart Cops, CEO

Bart Cops is the driving force behind Casa Cops. Casa Cops is the result of 20+ years of hard, dedicated work. It started back in Belgium, Europe, where Bart was born in 1974. With twenty years of learning the hard way, encountering several ups and downs, and a lot of lessons learned, success was of course conquered.

Because he never gave up.

"Never give up" is one of the keywords that Bart likes to use - in fact, Bart is all about keywords and one-liners.

Experience in success and experience in failing are two critical key points to describe what Casa Cops is all about. It is the absolute result of lessons learned over time.The power to believe in success was always the connection to establish serious consultancy businesses and services for Bart.

However, his experience in the constantly growing Green Energy industry is a story all on its own. It all started in the summer of 2008, in Belgium, Europe. It has since grown and evolved into an adventure on an international level. It's absolutely amazing how many countries he visited after choosing Las Vegas, Nevada as his home base.

Las Vegas is the perfect home base for him - it's centrally located right in the heart of his constantly growing markets. California, Utah, and even Texas are driving distance away for him to be on top of his markets there. It is the home for an international airport making traveling easy. Believing in success and rising after a fall may be the fundamental keys to being successful, but being flexible to travel in a matter of hours is also crucial.

Running and branding multiple Green Energy companies and concepts is the core business for Casa Cops, as well as the employees.

The “keep it simple & use common sense” way of working opened several doors for Bart and the Casa Cops platform like we know it today. Over time, it made a lot of sense to group his experience in one solid company, instead of starting up and running several individual companies. It was a needed step to connect solar related products, consultancy services, and partnerships with leading companies into one entity. The industry demands it to be able to communicate with one platform, one voice, and one vision, because of the simple fact that they only want to work with the best. "Less is more " and " innovate or disappear” are the right explanations in this case. This is how the brand “Casa Cops” was born...Home of Bart Cops.

Casa Cops is a unique organization based on experience from the past. Bart was the founder of several companies like Ellipsis, Mecardia, Lancelot Consultants, Solar Power Tactics, Bnl-Tactics Group Int. He also worked as a direct partner with several industry leading companies like Solar Power Inc, Elletronica , Santerno, Island Sun Solar, Sunrun and many more.

Casa Cops:
Green Energy and Consulting Services in Nevada, Utah, California and the Hawaiian Islands.

The Casa Cops “creative headquarters” will be located as a concept office as of 2018 in the beautiful city of Roseville, California.

Last but not least, Bart is all about his employees and direct business partners. He believes in upholding your word and always doing what is right. Bart is solid on a simple fact “expect a lot from us because we expect a lot from you.” At Casa Cops we uphold integrity and efficiency to the highest levels.

That brings us to its strength - “The People”, THE TEAM. Bart believes in the power of the creative people that he surrounds himself with. “I could never work without my loyal people. I am a strong believer of hiring professionals. “Working with amateurs will cost me three times more money at the end of the day , and it could make my clients very unhappy. I won’t make that same mistake that lots of competitors make - saving time and money with a cheap and inexperienced workforce. Only the best for Casa Cops" - Bart Cops

Find Casa Cops in ALL of CA, Las Vegas NV, Honolulu HI and many other locations soon to be added.